CZ Reacts to First AI Video: Interview with Creator

• Framer followed a gut feeling to jump into the crypto space, where he discovered NFTs and their potential.
• He created videos for NFT creators in exchange for access to whitelisted collections.
• Framer recently made a documentary video about Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao with AI, which caused CZ to react.

Crypto’s First AI Video Causes CZ Reaction

Framer is an e-commerce entrepreneur turned digital asset enthusiast who recently captured the attention of Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao by creating a documentary video about him with artificial intelligence (AI). In this interview with DailyCoin, Framer talked about his journey into the crypto space and how he came up with the documentary idea that caused CZ to react.

Gut Feeling Leads to New Passion in Crypto Space

Framer was familiar with digital currencies since 2017 but only fully jumped into the crypto space four years later when non-fungible tokens (NFTs) caught his attention. He noticed that marketplaces like OpenSea were used to purchase NFTs from resellers at higher prices than those of the original creators, and realized he could get onto whitelists by making videos or images about certain projects. This way, he acquired an NFT for 0.25 ETH which traded at 12 ETH on OpenSea after its public listing. His passion for video creation led him to merge it with his newfound interest in crypto and start experimenting with AI-generated art.

Making Crypto’s First AI Video

This experiment resulted in Framer creating cryptocurrency’s first AI video featuring Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao as part of his past story. The video combines actual pictures of CZ from different points in time along with audio recordings and captions generated by AI software. When asking what motivated him to make this first-of-its kind project, Framer replied: “I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and create something unique no one else had done before.“

Learning Curve & Reacting Audience

The process was not without its challenges; however, Framer mentioned that there is something special about learning from mistakes while doing creative work: „It can be frustrating but also very fulfilling if you keep pushing yourself,“ he said. After sharing the finished product online through Twitter, it quickly spread over social media channels and even reached CZ himself who reacted positively on Twitter: „Very cool! I hope people will use this technology more often.“


Although his background is not related directly to tech or coding, Framer managed to carve out a unique path within the industry based on creativity and experimentation. His story serves as an example of how passion combined with dedication can lead anyone into uncharted territories – sometimes without even expecting it!

Yuga Labs‘ Bitcoin NFTs Blasted by Ordinals Creator

• Yuga Labs launched its first-ever Bitcoin NFT collection on March 5th, but it was met with immense backlash.
• The main developer of Ordinals, which are powering Bitcoin’s NFTs, criticized the collection for taking custody of all bidders‘ BTC without providing adequate security.
• Crypto enthusiasts called it a ‚cash grab‘ and demanded that more credible players set a better example.

Yuga Labs Launches First-Ever Bitcoin NFT Collection

On March 5th, 2021, Web3 behemoth Yuga Labs launched its first-ever Bitcoin Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection on Ordinals. The 300 generative abstract art pieces inscribed onto Bitcoin made headlines across the crypto world—but not in a positive way.

Ordinals Creator Criticizes Yuga Labs

The main developer of Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor, strongly criticized the collection for taking custody of all bidders‘ BTC without providing adequate security or returning it to them even if they weren’t the highest bidder. Rodarmor went so far as to say he would personally wash his hands of Yuga Labs forever if they ever attempted something like this again.

Crypto Enthusiasts Call It A ‚Cash Grab‘

The criticism didn’t stop there—crypto Twitter has been up in arms over what is being called a ‚cash grab.‘ Ordinally argued that credible players need to set a better example and some users have even reported not seeing their transactions registered after sending their BTC to bid on an NFT.

Yuga Labs Responds To Criticism

In response to the criticism, Yuga Labs has released a statement saying that they are working hard to ensure user experience is improved and that they take customer feedback seriously. They also emphasized that they take great care in ensuring user funds remain secure at all times.


Despite the initial backlash against Yuga Lab’s first foray into NFTs with Bitcoin’s blockchain, it remains unclear how this will affect their future projects or whether any changes will be made before future collections launch. In any case, it certainly opened up an important conversation about user safety and proper protocols for custodial services when handling digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs.