Japan Takes Step Toward Digital Currency with April Pilot Program

• Japan plans to launch a CBDC pilot program in April 2023.
• The pilot will test the technical feasibility of the “digital yen” and model a CBDC ecosystem with the involvement of private companies.
• The BoJ is also considering lifting the ban on foreign stablecoins.

Japan Launches Pilot Program for Digital Yen

Japan plans to launch a pilot program for its central bank digital currency (CBDC) in April 2023. The executive director of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), Shinichi Uchida, announced the launch at a CBDC committee meeting on February 17th, stating that it will focus on the technical feasibility of the „digital yen“ and model an ecosystem with private companies involved.

Focus on Technical Feasibility

The main focus of this pilot program will be on testing out the technical feasibility of using digital currency in Japan and exploring how it would fit into their economy. Simulated transactions will take place during this time and no actual retail transactions will be made. To ensure smooth sailing, active collaboration between industry players and feedback from them is necessary, which is why they are creating a CBDC forum to facilitate communication.

Lifting Ban on Foreign Stablecoins

In addition to launching this pilot program, Japanese authorities are also considering lifting their current ban on foreign stablecoins. This has been highly anticipated by local media since November 2022 when rumors first started circulating about the Bank’s intentions for a digital currency system in Japan. At least three Japanese megabanks and regional banks are expected to collaborate with the BoJ for this project as well.

Importance Of Collaboration

The BoJ acknowledges that collaboration with industry players is paramount for successful implementation of their digital currency system which is why they have created a CBDC forum to facilitate communication regarding design choices such as alternative data models and frameworks for offline payments. It is important that all stakeholders benefit from these new developments so that trust is built between them moving forward into an era where digital currencies become more commonplace around the world..


Overall, Japan’s plans to launch its own central bank digital currency (CBDC) come as no surprise as it had been widely discussed by local media even before official confirmation was given in February 2023. With its upcoming pilot program set to commence in April 2023, we can expect great things from Japan as they venture further into becoming a leader in digital currencies worldwide!