Solana Network Outage Sparks Concern Over Blockchain Design

• Solana (SOL) network experienced another outage on February 25th, 2023.
• Community members are expressing concern as the blockchain’s reliability and inherent design are being called into question.
• The cause of the degradation in performance is unknown, but some suggest a flaw in Solana’s design may be to blame.

Solana (SOL) Network Experiences Outage

The Solana (SOL) blockchain suffered a significant network outage on February 25th, 2023. The outage lasted approximately 24 hours and caused transaction interferences resulting in the developer community opting for a network restart.

Community Questions Reliability of Blockchain

The recent outage has left the community disgruntled with some members questioning the network’s reliability and others illuminating flaws in Solana’s inherent design that could have triggered various outages. A tweet by Solana Status addressing the „coordinated restart“ on February 26th has gathered close to 200,000 views on Twitter amidst community FUD.

Design Flaw Could Be Responsible for Outages

Some community members believe that a major design flaw is responsible for the recurrence of network outages. According to one user, consensus occurring on-chain with validator communications reflecting as transactions inflates transaction volume and transactions per second (TPS), consequently bottlenecking the network which can lead to prolonged outages if validators become unavailable during an outage.

Price of SOL Has Not Declined Dramatically

Despite all this disruption, the price of SOL has not declined dramatically following another significant network outage despite upgrades implemented by Solana Foundation to improve their blockchain’s performance.

Cause Behind Performance Degradation Unknown

According to a report published by Solana Foundation, they remain unaware of what caused this „significant“ degradation in performance which further adds fuel to speculations from community members regarding potential underlying issues with its inherent design or other factors causing these outages.